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[About Outsourcing]

What is outsourcing of translation and interpreting services and how do customers benefit from it?

[Government Agencies]

Working with government agencies means handling international cooperation tasks which can be entrusted only to experienced and highly professional employees.

[Large Companies]

Project work, team approach, delivering translations under tight deadlines, continuous availability and support. We are ready to provide you with well-trained resources having the required set of skills.

[Small and Medium Businesses]

Supporting SME throughout their entire life cycle.

[Foreign Partners]

A special offer of high quality translations into Russian for foreign companies.

About Outsourcing

What is outsourcing of translation and interpreting services and how do customers benefit from it?

Large companies and government agencies normally have an in-house translation department which inevitably seeks the assistance of translation and interpreting companies and free-lancers. Typical constraints faced by companies employing full-time translators/interpreters are:

- insufficient productivity (translation speed);
- insufficient skill in specialized areas (a translator maybe well versed in technical subjects, but have insufficient knowledge of economics and law, and vice versa);
- insufficient skill in providing consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (particularly at public meetings and negotiations).
Typical costs for an in-house translator/interpreter include salary + bonuses; retirement plan contributions and social benefits; workplace and licenses; expenses associated with resignation/dismissal and search for a replacement. When it comes to finding the right candidate, companies risk spending a lot of money on a lengthy and tiresome recruitment process. In the worst-case scenario, they may end up hiring a specialist, who does not fully meet the job requirements.

In such circumstances, companies will find outsourcing of their translation/interpreting functions a much easier option. There may be several reasons for outsourcing:
- a company wants to assess the benefits of outsourcing and engages us as a trusted service provider;
- a company has terminated the contract with its former service provider due to the poor quality of work delivered and is looking for a reliable substitution;
- a company is having a tender and inviting us to submit a bid;
- a company resorts to outsourcing to replace a temporarily absent in-house translator/interpreter.
The jobs that are most commonly outsourced to us include:
- non-field specific translations (e.g. highly specialized texts);
- urgent translations (to be delivered on the same or the following day, large extra urgent documents);
- consecutive and simultaneous translation;
- translation/interpreting services that require the knowledge of foreign languages that the company’s full-time employees do not have;
- other translation functions (editing, proofreading, etc.).
We cooperate extensively with Russian and foreign companies including Fortune 1000 companies, who are leaders in their respective segments.

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[Job Opportunities]
Talent is key to our business. Our company has strict criteria for selecting professionals and strict rules they should follow when doing their work.
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