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[About Outsourcing]

What is outsourcing of translation and interpreting services and how do customers benefit from it?

[Government Agencies]

Working with government agencies means handling international cooperation tasks which can be entrusted only to experienced and highly professional employees.

[Large Companies]

Project work, team approach, delivering translations under tight deadlines, continuous availability and support. We are ready to provide you with well-trained resources having the required set of skills.

[Small and Medium Businesses]

Supporting SME throughout their entire life cycle.

[Foreign Partners]

A special offer of high quality translations into Russian for foreign companies.

Small and Medium Businesses

Supporting SME throughout their entire life cycle.

Small and medium-sized companies often set ambitious goals. The decision to work with foreign partners is an important step in building a company`s future. It should be remembered that each company’s counterparties pay great attention to the quality of documents they sign. In order to avoid misunderstanding, for instance, while agreeing and executing a contact, it should be properly translated at the outset.


A newly founded company needs translations of the following basic documents: memoranda and articles of association, extracts from the companies register, certificates of registration with a tax authority, certificates of the account opened with the bank, licenses and other permits, commercial offers, price lists, detailed descriptions of its products and services, framework agreements, annexes and addenda thereto, templates of certificates, invoices and other documents.


It is important to make a good impression in negotiations and create the atmosphere of trust. Correspondence with counterparties should be taken very seriously. Any seemingly simple phrase can be misinterpreted, lead to deplorable misunderstanding or cause confusion among your colleagues abroad, which is something you would certainly want to avoid.


By entrusting your translation jobs to us you will:
- save money by spending it only once rather than twice, which you may have to do in case of a mediocre translation;
- get a reliable partner who will always be there to help you with any translation project.


If you are interested in our offer, we will be happy to give you more information about our services. Feel free to contact us by e-mail at

[Company Policy]

Our credo is to work for the benefit of our customers!

To start working with our company, you need to sign the contract and non-disclosure agreement. The Collegium of Translators works with corporate customers only!

Please refer to this section to find answers to frequently asked questions concerning the parameters of interaction with our company.

In this section you will find opinion pieces and reviews on the Russian and international translation markets.

[Job Opportunities]
Talent is key to our business. Our company has strict criteria for selecting professionals and strict rules they should follow when doing their work.
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