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[About Outsourcing]

What is outsourcing of translation and interpreting services and how do customers benefit from it?

[Government Agencies]

Working with government agencies means handling international cooperation tasks which can be entrusted only to experienced and highly professional employees.

[Large Companies]

Project work, team approach, delivering translations under tight deadlines, continuous availability and support. We are ready to provide you with well-trained resources having the required set of skills.

[Small and Medium Businesses]

Supporting SME throughout their entire life cycle.

[Foreign Partners]

A special offer of high quality translations into Russian for foreign companies.

Written translation

The Collegium of Translators has many skilled translators with extensive experience in the field. We assign the finest in class translators to each project and are ready to undertake any assignment including urgent and complex translations.


We provide leading Russian and foreign companies with excellent translation services and support. Our areas of specialization include economics (mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, co-financing projects, consulting, audit, etc.), law (legislation, court documents, court advocacy, contractual and patent law), analytics (analytical reports, market reviews, mass media etc.), energy (incl. nuclear energy, front-end and back-end NFC, heat power, alternative energy, grids and utilities, electricity generation and transmission, etc.), resources (oil and gas, coal, bauxites, gold, uranium, rare earth metals, etc.), IT (process reengineering, systems and software integration). We translate documents covering a wide variety of other disciplines as well. The range of subjects we can handle in virtually unlimited.


We accept texts for translation in any commonly used formats (MS Office, PDF, jpeg, HTML, etc.). The price of a translation is calculated per word using MS Word Statistics option. A quotation given to the customer prior to the commencement of our work is binding unless additional services are requested by the customer. Completed translations are delivered to customers electronically, mostly by e-mail. The customer will have up to three business days to assess translation quality.


We normally work with the most common languages:

European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian;

Oriental languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic.

However, translations to/from less common languages can also be provided.

Should you need a document to be translated from one of the above languages into a target language other than Russian, it can also be done subject to prior agreement.


The Collegium of Translators works only with corporate customers under a standard agreement.


Quotations will be provided after we have seen the full document to be translated. Please feel free to contact us at to discuss the terms and conditions.

[Company Policy]

Our credo is to work for the benefit of our customers!

To start working with our company, you need to sign the contract and non-disclosure agreement. The Collegium of Translators works with corporate customers only!

Please refer to this section to find answers to frequently asked questions concerning the parameters of interaction with our company.

In this section you will find opinion pieces and reviews on the Russian and international translation markets.

[Job Opportunities]
Talent is key to our business. Our company has strict criteria for selecting professionals and strict rules they should follow when doing their work.
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